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25. Treacle Tart

So apparently I’ve had a 3 month hiatus, sorry about that! There’s been a lot of things going on, including moving house to the bright lights of London and also a whole host of things that are not baking blog material. Anyway, the point is is that I’m back!

So in recent news, you probably noticed that Christmas happened. It seems that I have been a very good girl as I had a shiny new Artisan KitchenAid under the tree on Christmas morning. As the best peice of kitchen equipment you could possibly own (in my humble opinion, closely followed by the WonderCover (by Kleeneze, check it out if you havn’e got one)) then I plan to use it to it’s full capacity. Also, they are meant to be impossible to break but we will see!

The weekend just gone I was having a browse around HomeSense (an amazing shop if you get the chance to go) and found a small fluted flan tin which I have been looking for for ages. The next logical step was then to make Mary Berry’s treacle tart, obviously. Would have been rude not to.

I used the recipe from the bbc website, found here:

Where she says ‘You can add less lemon if you would prefer less citrus taste.’ I would definitely recommend one lemon instead of two, one was more than enough.

I didn’t manage to take pictures as I went along but it’s pretty easy to visualise and there’s a picture of the finished article below. I think I nailed the lattice top, even if I may say so myself, especially with Mary Berry’s genius of idea of egg glazing before rather than once on to stop it getting in the tart. This was a technical challenge on the GBBO series 3, episode 3. They’ve got a lot harder since but good to know I can do a treacle tart with not a soggy bottom in sight! Making 150g of breadcumbs is a pain in the ass mind.


Here’s to a happier and healthier (unlikely the latter) 2014!