21. White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

This week my colleague bought me in some fresh raspberries from her garden so I obviously had to make something with them. I decided on a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and realised a bit late that it was actually a no bake cheesecake so doesn’t actually class as ‘baking’ but oh well, it’s all good practice!

I started by greasing and lining a square tin and making a biscuit base. It contained mixed spice which I’d never come across before in a cheesecake base but went with it!

Biscuit base

Biscuit base

I then made the cheesecake mix with the usual ingredients and used a sachet of gelatine to set it. The first lot of gelatine I left for too long and it set solid in the bowl so I had to try again! It also had melted white chocolate in.

White chocolate gelatine and cheesecake mix

White chocolate gelatine and cheesecake mix

I then poured this on to the refrigerated base, dropped in a load of the raspberries and left to set, simples!


I generally prefer a baked cheesecake but this was lovely, even the spice in the base. And I think the expertly grown raspberries helped too! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the sliced cake out the tin so you’ll have to use your imagination!



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