20. Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

This week I decided on lemon and poppy seed cake as it seemed like it would be summery and light.

The cake mix was unusual as it contained quite a lot of ground almonds (180g) and then of course there was lemon (zest and juice) and poppy seeds. Loved the look of this!

Cake mix

Cake mix

Once the mix was finished it went in the oven for 35 minutes (recipe said 40 but it was already well coloured).

Before the oven

Before the oven

After the oven

After the oven

Once baked I covered it in holes with a skewer (hence all the holes you can see in the pic!) and whilst it was cooling I made the lemon syrup from lemon juice and sugar, dissolved over a low heat.

Lemon syrup

Lemon syrup

When the cake had half cooled I poured over the syrup (whilst still in the tin), left to soak for a bit, then took it out the tin and put on the cooling rack to cool completely.

photo (3)

Meanwhile I made the lemon icing (icing sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest) and I finished it off with icing and candied lemon peel. Sadly didn’t have time to candy (is that the right word?!) my own but I may do next time!

Finished cake

Finished cake

Went down really well at work and I really enjoyed it. More than I thought I would as I’m not a huge fan of poppy seeds. But their taste wasn’t overwhelming, just subtle and they added a nice crunch. As always, lovely with a cuppa!

photo (5)

Think I’ll go for something more technical next time, been a while since I had a good challenge!


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