17. Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Thank goodness for autocorrect – what a random word meringue is?! Shouldn’t it be pronounced mer-ing-oo? Anyway, I digress…

This recipe I spotted in a magazine and thought I just had to try it. I went to see the parents again this weekend for Father’s Day and they always appreciate the arrival of me with baked goods (more the baked goods I think).

I started by making half a dozen lemon cupcakes. These were very similar to vanilla cupcakes juts with the addition of some lemon zest.


Once they had cooled I piped a blob of lemon curd on the top of each.


Cakes with curd

I then whisked up some nice glossy meringue (see, I just tried to spell that myself and got ‘mirangie’) from egg whites and caster sugar and piped a spiral of meringue with a wide star nozzle on the top of each cake.

Cakes with curd

Cakes with curd



I then put under a hot grill for a couple of minutes to colour the meringue and voila!

Finished cakes

Finished cakes

photo (1)

These were super yum (even if I say so myself) and were light as a feather. And as always, lovely with a cuppa! Thought they would be more difficult than this but were actually very easy but with impressive results.

Cross section

Cross section



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