16. Vanilla Swiss Roll

This week I was visiting my parents and they mentioned that they had some spare jam and cream and that scones would be nice. Scones however, having made them dozens of times before, are against the rules of the blog. I therefore looked into other recipes that use jam and cream and stumbled across several swiss roll recipes and so decided to make one of those. I’ve made chocolate swiss rolls several times before (usually in a Yule log capacity) and the odd roulade but never a traditional vanilla.

I started by making a swiss roll sponge mix (similar to a Victoria sponge but with no butter and more egg whisking) and poured into a lined and greased baking tray.

Before the oven

Before the oven

I then cooked for 10 minutes until it was a nice golden brown.

After the oven

After the oven

I then left it at that until I had arrived at my parents. By ‘cream’ I though they meant double cream or whipping cream that could be whipped up for the filling. They didn’t. They did however have a fridge full of various other dairy products so me and my mum concocted a filling made up of mascarpone, creme fraiche, clotted cream and icing sugar! Don’t ask me the quantities or how to repeat it because I have no idea but it tasted good. We then spread this on with a layer of jam.


We then simply rolled up and added a dusting of icing sugar.

Rolled roll

Rolled roll


I was pleased because the sponge didn’t crack too much. It looked good, tasted pretty good (maybe a little dry but I think that was because there were 12 hours left between cooking and filling and it was only covered with a tea towel) and it didn’t last very long!

photo 4


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