14. Chocolate and Orange Cupcakes

I went with something a bit more technical this week, filled chocolate and orange cupcakes, or to give them their official title ‘Dark chocolate cupcakes with orange cream filling and burnt orange buttercream’. Catchy.

I started by making a batch of dark chocolate cupcakes that were pretty standard. Although the recipe did call for (optional) chocolate essence which I have seen for sale before but never seen in a recipe so as I didn’t have any I missed it out on this occassion, but I did wonder what other recipes it might be used in.

The cupcakes came out ok (pretty dense but the mixture was a batter rather than a cake mix) but the cases fell off as they cooled and I’m not sure why – tres annoying!


I then made the cream filling which was a mixture of double cream, mascarpone and orange zest. I was very careful not to overbeat the cream like I did for the eclairs!

Cream filling

Cream filling

While that was in the fridge and the cupcakes were cooling I made the burnt orange buttercream. This started with making a sort of orange caramel from butter, orange zest, orange juice and caster sugar, heated in a pan until it started to caramelise.

Orange 'caramel'

Orange ‘caramel’

Whilst leaving this to cool I mixed icing sugar butter and cream and added the orange mix in last.

Burnt orange buttercream

Burnt orange buttercream

Once that was mixed I put it inside and started the fiddly bit! I cut a circle out of the top of each cake, trimmed it to make a lid and carved out the rest of the centre of the cake. Was quite tricky to do without it all falling apart! On the plus side, the insides were surplus and could be nibbled on!

Carved out cakes and lids

Carved out cakes and lids

Then using a piping bag I piped the orange cream into the cakes and put the lids back on. This was really oddly satisfying… I think there may be something wrong with me.





Then I piped on the orange buttercream in a spiral with a round nozzle and voila, all done!


All boxed up and ready to go

All boxed up and ready to go



I thought these were very good! Rather sickly but as the cream in the centre wasn’t sweet (more tangy), it balanced them out quite well. I ate them straight from the fridge because of the cream which I wouldn’t usually do but it seemed to work. The burnt orange buttercream was lovely especially and even more so with a cuppa!



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