7. Eclairs

First off any followers – I’ve just updated my last post as a couple of chunks were missing and it didn’t really make sense. Anyway, this week I decided to face my fear of choux pastry with eclairs and it turns out my fears were not unfounded!I brought the butter and water to the boil and added the flour and beat it together which was meant to resemble a ball. It didn’t…

The 'not a ball' mix

The ‘not a ball’ mix

I left it to cool anyway and then added the eggs. Then it was meant to be a glossy mix that was pipeable. It wasn’t. It was far far too runny to pipe so I added a little flour. Then a mittle more. Then some more. And more… Until I thought this is not right at all but still decided that *maybe* I could pipe it. I thought maybe because the large eggs were very large they made it too runny. So I did try to pipe it and er…

Sloppy eclairs

Sloppy eclairs

…not great. I put them in the oven anyway and out came…



Yes I know. WTF?! As was pointed out to me – they look like pasties. While these monstrosities were cooking and I was lounging in front of the Wizard of Oz I was going back over the recipe in my head. And when I checked it… 150ml of water not 250ml! 150ml!!! Ahhhh poo! At least I know where it went wrong and it’s not just that I’m totally incompetent! Except at reading recipes clearly. Back to the drawing board…

The 'ball' mix

The ‘ball’ mix

An actual ball this time. Followed by a glossy mix with egg…

Glossy this time!

Glossy this time!

Which was much easier to pipe!

Better piped eclairs

Better piped eclairs

And once baked, would you Adam and Eve it…

Woo for choux!

Woo for choux!

Close up

Close up

…they looked like something resembling eclairs!

Then I whipped up some double cream, added a bit of icing sugar and once the pastry was cool I piped the cream in.

With cream in

With cream in

With chocolate on

With chocolate on

Once set they were all done and here they are!

Nom noms

Nom noms

They were actually not too difficult (if you read the recipe correctly) and quick to do but I think will be a lot harder to get looking porfessional – maybe next time!

Much better tasting that the ones from the shop in my opinion – softer and fresher tasting. They can sometimes be a bit chewy shop bought. They’re not very sweet either which makes it easier to eat more than one! Would also be nice with milk chocolate I think – maybe I’ll try that too.


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2 thoughts on “7. Eclairs

  1. myninjanaan March 12, 2013 at 1:46 am Reply

    these look delicious! I tried an eclair for the first time in my life last week, and honestly I believe I’ve been missing out.

  2. Victoria March 12, 2013 at 10:19 am Reply

    Thanks! Haha I believe you have too! Although some shop bought ones can put you off for life (probably because they’ve been sat there a week filled with long life cream alternatives). You should try making some for yourself 🙂

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