6. White Chocolate and Summer Fruit Blondies

This week I decided to make some brownies but having done unorginal chocolate (and various variations) many times before I thought I’d try something a bit different. I had a look through a brownie book that my parents bought me a while back and decided on a white chocolate and raspberry recipe.

So Sunday afternoon I popped to Sainsburys to stock up on ingredients but alas, no raspberries. No worries thought I, they do frozen fruit these days. Oh, no raspberries. Ok, I’ll try Tesco, striaght to the fresh fruit and ah… no raspberries. Well they’ll definitely have frozen ones, then bing bong ‘this store will be closing in 5 minutes’ (me ‘goddam Sunday opening hours!’) and in the frozen section, you guessed it, no raspberries! Ahhh! No book with me to get another recipe (I don’t really trust the Internet for baking recipes FYI, especially when the ingedients are in cups!) and no time to go home and replan. They did however have frozen mixed summer fruits (containing raspberries) which I decided was going to be the best I was going to get.

Yes, I know what your thinking, idiot. In my defence I don’t really eat fruit hence me having no idea what is and isn’t in season. I have since been chastised and have learnt my lesson!

Anyway – once home I picked out all the raspberries from the mix and didn’t have enough so added some blackberries. The rest of the recipe was fairly straightforward, mixed it all together and put in a tin. Then the fruit (once defrosted) and some flaked almonds went on top. Loved the colours here (see pic below).

Before the oven

Before the oven

After the oven

After the oven

After it had cooled I took it out the tin and went to cut it into 16 but after the first cut realised it was still raw! Disaster!

Now I don’t usually do this but I didn’t want it to go waste so I reheated the oven and put it back in for a bit longer. This would never work with a cake but as brownies don’t need air in them I thought I’d give it a go. After they seemed better cooked I removed from the oven and left to cool again.

Once they were cooled I cut into 16 and decorated with some black and red currants from the fruit mix and white chocolate curls. They fell apart a bit and were rather squidgy but I guess the whole point of this is experimentation and not everything is going to be perfect!

Finished and decorated

Finished and decorated

Close up!

Close up!

Taste test: pretty nice and I don’t realy eat fruit! Couldn’t really taste the almond despite having almonds in and on. Very squidgy and sweet so the size was about right and very nice with some ice cream.


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