2. Fondant Fancies

Another week, another bake and I decided to not make it easy on myself again, went with another Mary Berry classic, fondant fancies. Next week I’m definitely going easier (although someone did challenge me to Mille Feuille earlier…). To be fair though these weren’t that difficult technically (or so they seemed) just a right fiddle!

It started with a genoise sponge which involves a lot of whisking (and after that a bit more whisking) over simmering water with an electric whisk. You need an extra hand. And in my case a socket closer to the hob.

Whisking the genoise sponge mix

Whisking the genoise sponge mix

Once all that was done it was into the tin and into the oven. It came out as instructed ‘golden brown and shrinking away from the edges’.

The sponge fresh out the oven

The sponge fresh out the oven

After leaving it to cool (and running 9 miles in the freezing rain FYI), I then I brushed on a layer of seived marmalade and added a layer of marzipan. Not a big fan of marzipan myself but what Mary Berry says goes in my house.

Marzipanned sponge

Marzipanned sponge

I then left it to set for an hour and came back armed with my high school ruler (that’s when you know I mean business). This is where John fluffed it in the GBBO by trying to make them cubes (although he did win in the end so we won’t hold it against him) so I very carefully measured and cut the sponge into 16 (I know there’s 15 in the pic, 1 was off camera taking a moment). Still looking pretty good by this point I think – some slightly sloping tops aside).

The 'fancies' minus the fondant

The ‘fancies’ minus the fondant

Now this was where I expected to add a blob of buttercream (or similar) to the top but alas, Ms Berry says no. So I whipped up the icing and after a LOT of fiddling (and adding a bit of dusky pink colouring halfway to mix it up a bit), I managed to cover all 16 fancies. There weren’t as neat as I would have liked but on the other hand they could have been a lot worse.

Just covered fancies (I had cleaned up most of the drips by this point)

Just covered fancies (I had cleaned up most of the drips by this point)

After they had dried I melted a couple of squares of dark chocolate, drizzled it over the top, washed my hands for about the 97th time that day (seriously – icing everywhere) and stepped back to admire my handiwork. Actually, that’s a lie, I went to the pub to watch England beat Ireland in the rugby and have a couple of ciders.

When I got back the fancies were all dry so I put them in plain muffin cases and voila!

The finished article

The finished article

Taste test: I hate to say it because I was actually rather pleased with the final result, but they weren’t as nice as I hoped. The sponge was a bit dry, not sure why, maybe the sponge was a bit overbaked and as I said before I’m not a massive fan of marzipan. The icing was nice but not what I associate with a fondant fancy but then Mr Kipling could be on his own there. After all, he did tradmark ‘French Fancies’ so us mere cake mortals have to call them fondant fancies and he probably has a slightly bigger operation behind him.

Maybe I will try them again another time. Meanwhile, as nothing’s turning out quite as good as I’d hoped, I might go back to my comfort zone next week to regain some self esteem… Brownie anyone? Cupcake? How about a nice chocolate chip cookie?



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One thought on “2. Fondant Fancies

  1. dreamer01027 February 12, 2013 at 5:18 pm Reply

    This is fantastic! I am definitely going to try these, they look scrumptious ^.^

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